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I am the founder and CEO of our non-profit corporation.  I have been a computer technician, designer, builder, network administrator and enthuiast who has been designing and building computer systems for over three decades.  I have built computer systems that have been on the job for over fifteen years and have remained viable to this day with the technology that was available at that time, which is absolutely obsolete by today's standards.


I am not now, nor have I ever been a computer genius.  I have been fortunate enough to have been surrounded by some very technically savy individuals who have shared their knowledge with me. I have wholeheartedly shared that knowledge throughout our organization, and have learned even more throughout that process.  There is no doubt in our minds that we have the talent and dedication to achieve our goal of providing the knowledge and resources to today's disadvantaged young people to help them achieve their educational goals.

 Our model is simple.  It has been said that something given will never be as valuable as something earned.  With that in mind, we will teach them the fundamentals of how the components of a computer work together, provide the components and help them build their own computer that will serve as their educational companion and resource that will help take them through college and beyond.  


Our Mission

It is the duty of every generation to leave the world in a better place for the next generation.  Unfortunately, this has not happened for the last few generations.  Instead of leaving the world in a better place for future generations, we have allowed our world to  become progressively worse and worse and worse, etc.  The children of the newest generation have inherited a world that will not sustain life on this planet at the current rate of destruction being done in the name of immediate profit.  These children have instead inherited a world fraught with dangers never before seen in the history of man; global warming, destruction of the ozone level, overpopulation, pending extinction of wildlife, deforestation of forest lands which produce the very air we breathe and need to survive , world terrorism and homelessness of historic proportions. This would be an impossible situation if not for one thing.  That thing is that this generation of our children is more intelligent and more capable of resolving these issues than any other generation in the history of mankind.  There is no doubt that this generation of our children has the  capability and capicity to resolve the issues necessary to allow mankind to survive on this planet.  The caveat is that it will probably take all of them to do it regardless of race, color, creed, national origin or socio-economic environment. The challenge is that many of the bright minds that it will take may never be able to achieve their potential needed to contribute.  The national average is that from middle school forward, approximately 85% of the homework assigned requires access to the internet.  There are too many of them that, given the circumstances in which they live, do not have viable computers in their homes, if any at all, which restricts their access to the internet making it unnecessarily difficult for them to compete in today’s academic environment to achieve and fulfil their potential and make their contribution to saving their world and ours. Our mission is not to transform this generation of our children into computer wizzards, Our mission is to provide them with the opportunity to have an equal chance to follow their dreams and become what they choose to be. We refuse to allow the lack of economic resources, or lack of technological advantages to prevent them from following their dreams or discouraging them from reaching their potential to help save our world and theirs. All we ask is for you  to HELP US TO HELP THEM HELP US ALL!!

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